XBRL tagging and filing is now mandated by the SEC for companies of all sizes. For many organizations, XBRL adds another layer of reporting and complexity to their filing requirements. With the SEC enforcing XBRL requirements, it’s essential that your XBRL tagging is done properly and accurate to meet current guidelines.

The current mandate excludes banking companies, insurance companies, power companies, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Any Practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost Accountant can certify the XBRL documents of Financial Statements which was before restricted to only Statutory Auditor of the Company. Around 30,000 Companies need to file their report to MCA in XBRL this year.

We offer:

  •  Conversion of Financial Statements in XBRL formats
  •  Creation of XBRL instance document
  •  Mapping up financial statements with XBRL tags
  •  Validating the Instance Document
  •  Pre-scrutiny of Validated Instance Document through the Tool

Mutual Fund

At Digital Diffuser, our mission is to reach the clients with quality financial solutions on par with international service standards. As market leaders in the Mutual Fund space, we have been catering to clients with a wide range of technology-driven value-added financial services and products, built on trust and reliability. Under Mutual Fund Services, we render financial services to 26 AMCs and 40 million investors with more than 1000 schemes. We strive to offer round the clock services to stakeholders with a wide gamut of delivery channels which include Service centers, BPO Centers, Exchanges, Online services, SMS, E-mail and Snail mail. All these services are offered via the following channels:

We offer a complete range of XBRL services:

  •  Data Extraction from multiple sources
  •  Data mapping
  •  Taxonomy extensions
  •  XBRL Validation
  •  XBRL instance generation

In addition, with our intense focus on customer support and training through entire XBRL lifecycle, we are able to help customers through the entire process of creating and submitting compliant XBRL filings.